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Notes from Tom Trevor with some of his favorite links:

The Art Renewal Center is dedicated to reviving traditional art. Artworks by the artists featured on their site speak for themselves:
Art Renewal Center - Peter Paul Rubens
Art Renewal Center - Rembrandt
Art Renewal Center - Franz Hals

S.F. B. Morse was my great, great, great, uncle. He was known as the inventor of the telegraph, but he also was a great artist. In this painting featured on the site of the Met as well as in his painting "The gallery of the Louvre," Morse shows female artists. I point this out, because recently some people have claimed that women back then were not allowed to study art.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art - S.F.B Morse painting Susan Walker Morse -"The Muse."

The Art Student's league of New York. S.F. B Morse founded the National Academy of Art. The Art Student's League was started by a break off group from the National Academy. In my opinion The ASL is offers the best art education in the world. Members can sketch from life everyday for free. When I was there a lifetime membership cost $50 paid over 10 years. The Art Student's league of New York.

Karen was my teacher when I moved to Vermont. Karen and John Winslow. Winslow Art Studios.

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